There is someone special in almost everyone’s life. Usually, true love goes beyond looks. We spend our life searching for the perfect man on an online dating website or on social media but sometimes when he is in front of us, we unknowingly ignore him. Here are few signs that let you know that he is the perfect one and whether to keep the spark alive or not.

He knows everything about you

When you are out at dinner he knows what you like and what you dislike so he will never order something you hate even if he loves it. All the birthday presents he bought for you are not just thoughtful but magical. He will buy you the stuff you were staring at in a shop or the exact chocolate truffle you love the most. He loves to listen to you 24*7 and plans romantic date ideas for you, he is the best.

You stay happy

If there is a constant smile on your face when you think of him or you are with him, he is your perfect one. He plans cute dating ideas for you and throws surprises every now and then, never let him go.

You are yourself

You don’t hesitate to tell him all your secrets without thinking twice. He gets to know when you are in a bad mood. You don’t need to be fake or do something that he likes but are content in your own skin. If you are always relaxed and comfortable with him and he lets the child in you come out, he is surely the special one for you.

Your communication

Long pauses aren’t uncomfortable when you two are together and you never feel awkward with him. Strong bonds and healthy relationships don’t require constant communication. If you are open, honest, loyal and talk your heart out with each other it is a sure sign you should be together. Always keep those doors of communication open because the only worst thing that ruins your relationship is misunderstanding and complications.

You feel safe

Being possessive and a little jealous it fine, but if you find yourself constantly having to question his motives or whereabouts, it is an important piece of relationship advice that you think seriously about your relationship. If you feel secure in all situations with him then he has earned that respect and is the best man to be with.

There is compatibility and spontaneity

If you have been trapped in a tedious routine and he has never planned the best date ideas for you, face it and realize any good relationship has a fun element in it. Each day is not an occasion or celebration, but get things predictably boring.